Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mouse lag in Chrome on Dell Precision M4600 with multiple monitors

I've recently been battling mouse cursor lag on my Dell Precision M4600 mobile workstation with a multi-monitor setup in Windows 7. This machine has AMD FirePro M5950 graphics. The cursor stutters and jumps whenever Chrome is in the foreground. Occasionally I am able to temporarily halt this nuisance by moving the Chrome window to another monitor or by killing all Chrome processes, but this is a hassle and does not work consistently.

Fortunately, there is a simple, albeit ugly fix: disable GPU acceleration within Chrome.
  1. Open Chrome Settings, either through the menu or chrome://settings/
  2. Click on Show advanced settings...
  3. Scroll down to the System section
  4. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available
  5. Restart Chrome
Thanks to the comments in this blog post for the fix suggestion. This post indicates the bug is related to VSync. Interestingly, these folks had the same problem but with NVIDIA 460 GTX and 8400GS graphics cards.

Any ideas on what might be going on here?