Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open Source IEEE Bibliography XSL Style Sheet for Word 2007 Available

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, commented upon, and helped improve my IEEE style sheet for Office 2007! Reader Wesley Allen has pointed out that there is a free, more fully-featured, open-source IEEE style sheet available on CodePlex. It supports more reference formats than my version and seems to be getting feature improvements. Please go check it out, and thanks for all your support and comments.

Update: Good news! Office 2007 SP3 now includes an IEEE XSL style sheet built-in! You can download Office 2007 SP3 here or use Windows update, and read the Office 2007 release notes here. Thanks to all of you who downloaded my version over the past few years, it's been fun!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Missing Money - Unclaimed Funds

Do yourself a favor and search for your name (and friends and relatives) here on Missing Money and directly with your state from a link on Apparently state governments can capture funds from "inactive" accounts through a process called escheatment. I heard about this from my bank, ING Direct (highly recommended, btw). Your grandparents will thank you when you find that long-lost bank account money for them.