Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've been using LaunchBar on my Macs for a long time now... maybe 5 years. I've always heard rumblings about that other keyboard shortcut program, Quicksilver. Well, a CIM Mac-using student came in to tech support on Saturday with his Mac tricked out with QS. I installed it today, and it is totally sweet. Especially by turning on "proxy actions," enabling access for assistive devices in the Universal Access control panel, and creating a short "trigger," I now have a keystroke (option-space) that gives me keyboard access to all the menu items of the application in focus.

For example. I'm in Safari and I want to open the downloads window. I don't remember the keystroke (it's cmd-opt-L, by the way). So, I hit opt-space, do, enter and viola! The downloads window appears. I also have access to all my bookmarks since they are in the bookmarks menu.

This is so cool. If you have a Mac and want to speed up your computer usage and/or reduce your mousing time, try this out!