Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1st Day in Victorville

We all made it out with our luggage intact to Victorville on a pleasant flight. The hotel is fine. We also have a super awesome RV that would make Robin Williams envious. We will be working on unloading DEXTER and setting up base camp today. I have the illustrious task of making sure all the computers and sensors on DEXTER and in the "lab" are set up and working. Joy!

We can see the wildfires from our hotel up on the hillside maybe 10 miles away. When we came up through the valley, there was smoke everywhere. There were also maybe 5-10 overturned tractor trailers on the highway from high winds. It's a pretty awesome sight.

The weather is great. 80 degrees, dry, and sunny during the day, and down to maybe 50 degrees at night. I'll post more soon with pictures!

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Nicole said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you guys, even though the rest of my Cornell department would consider that disloyal ;-)