Friday, October 28, 2005

Site Changes & Improvements (I Hope!)

Hello! Please take a moment to check out my new webpage! It might be a bit rough around the edges at the moment since I basically generated the whole thing this evening, but it has some nifty content. I hope to use that site for static content - my research interests, short personal biography and so on, while posting more timely comments here. This new layout has also been designed to compliment the layout of this blog. While they are not identical (it doesn't use CSS or anything fancy), they do share much of the same color palette and layout. I decided to do this to try and keep some visual consistency between the two sites so they don't feel like two totally separate entities.

I also turned off the posting requirement for this blog - you no longer need to have a Blogger account to post. I'll have to see if this opens me up to SPAM posts, but I can take care of that if that is the case. Hopefully what will happen is that more of you will post! Hint: I am more likely to update if it seems like someone is reading this! :-P

I've got more to talk about but for now I need to sleep. Hopefully I'll post more this weekend.


Nicole said...

You liar! Inline styling is still CSS! Actually, I think coding for that would be much easier with some more CSS, but that may just be my addiction speaking. I like the layout; you did a nice job with it :)

Bradley Farnsworth said...

I'm glad you like the layout! I'm still not sure what I'm lying about, though. 0_o

Hottie Biscotti said...

Love the new webpage :)

Nicole said...

While they are not identical (it doesn't use CSS or anything fancy)

It's right there! In black and tan!